Because we are crazy?!
See how we tested the NXT90 and NXT60 in Tough Viking!
What's your NXT Challenge?
The first tailor made products for athletes and regular workouts from Emmaljunga is here - The NXT Challenge!
Look out Urbanites - NXT60 is here!
The NXT60 is here – Ready for the big city & an active urban lifestyle.
Emmaljunga goes to Tough Viking
The NXT60 and NXT90 gets put to the test at Tough Viking.

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Look out Urbanites – NXT60 is here!

URBAN COMFORT, is what NXT60 stands for. With its smaller and easy-to-fold-and-carry chassis it makes getting on the subway, buses and cramped elevators easy. It uses the same seat unit as its bigger sibling, the NXT90, so your child will still have a lot of room and comfort with the highest safety standards.

NXT90 and NXT60 seat unit can be used for the NXT challenge chassis.

Read more about all the amazing features of our NXT60 on its product page under Prams & Strollers.