Corporate responsibility

Emmaljunga is at the forefront of social and environmental issues. Our sustainability work permeates every detail, process, component.

We never get satisfied

For over 90 years we have done everything we do with care. We help parents to keep a promise they have given to their children - to love it, to protect it and to provide it with a safe and environment to grow up in. Therefore, we are never satisfied with our sustainability efforts. ". 


"In each process we ask questions like: Can we achieve the same quality with more durable materials? How can we design a stroller that lasts longer?"

Constant improvement

We thoroughly investigate every detail, process, component. Investigate, tests. Redo. Improve. The sustainability threshold permeates ranging from the sourcing of materials (read about ours ECO collection), for renewal energy supply, to minimize resources required.


"We do not move our production to Asia, so we have full control over our ecological footprint. We are proud to have come so far, but we have just begun."



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