Quality & Safety

An Emmaljunga pram is designed to be used for many years.

High quality fabrics

Our fabrics have to withstand cold winters, hot summers, rainy autumns plus children’s dirty boots and sticky fingers! As a manufacturer of high quality products in Scandinavia since 1925, we have a long experience of coping with tough weather conditions and have therefore developed our own fabrics to withstand these conditions. Our fabrics are not only dirt repellant and highly water repellant, but they also protect against the sun, wind and cold conditions.


All our materials are continually tested by accredited laboratories to comply with (REACH) regarding chemical content and provide reassurance to you and your child.

UV Protection 50+

The fabrics handle a UPF (Ultra-violet Protection factor) of 50+ which means that your child gets a very high protection against the sun from our hoods and sunshades.


Emmaljunga safety tests all prams in accordance with EN 1888:2018 and EN 1466:2014. Emmaljunga also has its own test facilities where product and fabric life testing are carried out in a laboratory environment, enabling us to continually improve the durability of our products.

All prams are quality checked throughout the whole of the manufacturing process, ensuring that both quality and safety are built into the pram during its production in our Swedish factory.

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