NXT Seat Unit ERGO 33105UK Outdoor Black
NXT Seat Unit ERGO 33105UK Outdoor Black 1

NXT Seat Unit ERGO - Outdoor Black

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Stylish, reversible and ergonomic seat unit handmade in Sweden. Comfortable and very spacious from 6 months up to 22kgs. The frame is made of anodized, Scandinavian low-carbon aluminum. Discover the world with all the practical features included.


Weights & Measurements

NXT Seat Unit Ergo
Weight: 4.0 kg
Dimensions (Total Seat Length): 105/32 cm


We strongly believe that it is important to move towards a healthy and sustainable way of living.

All materials are continuously tested by accredited laboratories to ensure that they meet the strictest EU environmental standards (REACH) and making it safer for you and your child.

Accessories that fit
  • Sidebag - NXT90/60/B Black

    Make sure you bring everything you need. Our Sidebag gives you extra storage space and can easily be attached or removed with a one-handed grip on the side of the stroller. Fits NXT90 / NXT90 F / NXT60 / NXT60 F.
  • Go Double Adapter - NXT90

    Make sure the whole family has a comfortable ride during your daily strolls. Our Go Double Adapter is easily mounted by your retailer on your single chassis to accommodate two children. Go Double works with a NXT carrycot and a NXT Ergo seat, alternatively two NXT Ergo seats. The Go Double adaptor does not work with a NXT F seat.
  • NXT Ergo Winter Seat Liner - NXT Winter Seat Liner Outdoor Black

    Keep your baby warm when it gets cold with a soft and cozy Teddy Fleece. The Winter Seat Liner is custom made for the NXT90 and NXT60 and is easily attached to the seat frame.
  • Raincover - Exclusive SMALL (NXT90/60 /Carrycot/Viking Series)

    Keep your baby dry when the rain comes. Our rain cover protects your child from the rain and is easy to attach and to remove. It's stored in a handy bag and with the help of the zipper, you can easily take care of your child even when the cover is attached. Strategically placed reflective straps make the stroller easy to spot in the dark. The rain cover can be used for the seat units and the carrycots for the NXT90 / 60 as well as for the Viking series.