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Our certified Emmaljunga retailers are the experts in the field, they can provide you with security and performance demonstrations. It's the best way to buy a stroller - try and drive! See the map at the bottom.

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With our Premium Partners, you will find almost everything!

They have a large selection of Emmaljunga Products and have chosen to invest in Emmaljunga. Many of our Premium Partners have been in the Emmaljunga factory and can tell you how the prams have been manufactured in Sweden. Your Premium Partner has very good service and will be happy to assist you.

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Our Full Range Retailers have a large selection of Emmaljunga Products and help you with advice and service at the store.

Basic Range Retailers

Our Basic Range Retailers have Emmaljunga Basic Assortment and help you with advice and service in the store.

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Service Partner

"You will be pleased with your Emmaljunga quality stroller and the service you receive before and after the purchase​​"

All authorized Emmaljunga Retailers have service facilities in their store. If you buy at Emmaljunga's website, you can get help with the service at the store you choose: pick up the stroller in store or choose the shop as a Service Partner at home delivery.

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