A Conscious Choice

If safety, quality and sustainability are key values for you and your family, we want to be your brand of choice.

Everything we do is made with consideration for the environment.

We start with a question - Is the product sustainable from a life-cycle perspective? Are we using recyclable materials? What can we do to prolong the life of the product?
This process created the Emmaljunga NXT concept -  a product line made predominantly of recycled or recyclable materials in our factory in the South of Sweden: a factory steadily transforming into a "Green Factory" run by green principles.

All NXT parts can be combined into a solution and preference that suits each family: now and tomorrow, less money wasted, and less product waste!
CHASSIS - recycled aluminium from Hydro® and recycled plastic components.

NXT60 (1 child) or NXT90 (1 or 2 children) - choice of two different chassis.
They are bought with a carrycot and a seat unit and cover your child's needs until 48 months. 

A sibling? Your NXT90 can be fitted with a Go Double adapter, or alternatively buy an NXT Twin double chassis, and re-use your Carrycot and Ergo seat unit: both suitable up to 49kg maximum load.



CARRYCOT and SEAT UNITS - Eco fabrics.

Our NXT carrycot is padded and cosy while made from material that is continuously tested by accredited laboratories to comply with REACH regarding chemical content. This ensures that our fabrics and textiles are not only soft and comfortable but also safe to have around your little baby.

There are two choices when it comes to seat units: Ergo or Flat (F).
Ergo is a slimline seat unit set in a frame of recycled aluminium and can be reclined into 4 different positions.
Flat is roomier with a back rest that reclines flat. When F reclines the Emmaljungas Safe Frame ™ head nest is activated to create protective barrier for your child.



Textiles and Fabrics

Our fabrics have to withstand cold winters, hot summers, and rainy autumns as well as children’s dirty boots and sticky fingers!
As a manufacturer of high quality products in Scandinavia since 1925, we have years of experience of coping with challenging conditions and have therefore developed our own fabrics to withstand these conditions. Our fabrics are not only dirt repellant and highly water repellant, but they also protect against the sun, wind and cold situations. The fabrics have a UPF (Ultra-violet Protection factor) of 50+ which means our hoods and sunshades ensure your child has an extremely high UV protection during sunny days.

"In every process we ask questions like: 
Can we keep or increase our high quality requirements with more sustainable materials?
How can we design a stroller that has an even longer life-cycle?"



Swedish production.
We made a conscious choice to keep the production in Sweden and Europe.
Every year we invest large sums on product development and environment projects in our Swedish factory and the little village that shares our name.

We are happy to have a tradition of local craftmanship. Our intention is to keep the knowledge and passion in Sweden so we can continue to offer genuinely  sustainable, locally produced products of the highest quality.
Safety is always key.
This has been the priority since Emmaljunga was founded over 90 years ago.
Every stroller we produce is tested based on the most rigorous requirements and with total transparency. You will be using our products every day. You will be trusting us with your child. Our commitment to quality and safety has to be 100%.

Emmaljunga safety tests all prams in accordance with EN 1888:2018 and EN 1466:2014 in our own factory. In addition we have access to laboratories in order to evaluate additional aspects of our products and fabrics when required.

By owning the factory and production process we can act independently when it comes to creating ever better products and genuinely work on our sustainability promise and resource management.
Quality stands for comfort, durability, stability and longevity.
But we also want to provide a quality shopping experience, where advice and service are key. Therefore, we work with our authorized Emmaljunga Partners, or expert retailers, who, with careful service and advice, help us to ensure you have the best experience with Emmaljunga.