Environment & Sustainability

We believe in moving towards a natural and more sustainable way of living.

Circular Production

Our planet's resources are finite.
Emmaljunga is convinced that productivity and sustainability can happen hand in hand.
Since 2003 Emmaljunga has been working towards a circular production model and
everything we do is aligned with the vision to become a fully Green Factory.
From manufacturing products the linear way of take, make and dispose; our product-
developers are now looking towards increasing the use of bio and ecological material such as wood, cotton and wool.

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This is the Green Vision we're working on:


1. To be as energy self sufficient as possible (Renewable Energy & Carbon Management).

1.500 m2 solar panels have been installed on the factory roof that produce 250.000 kilowatt hours per annum.
All other electrical power is coming from certified hydropower. 

2. To be fossil-free.

Our investment in a system of seven heat-pumps that convert the generated heat from the production process into useable recycled energy, has created completely fossil-free heating of our factory and saved 150 cubic meter of fossil fuel per annum. Together with our focus on renewable fossil-free energy - RME (another aspect of our company), our investments have saved a total of 400 ton CO2 per annum. 

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3. Water care (Water Care).

We have developed and implemented a cleaning system for the water we use in our manufacturing process. This system continuously cleans and re-uses the water, consequently the factory does not release any water from the manufacturing process.

4. Remanufacturing and Recycling (Reutilization Factor).

One of the Emmaljunga patents is the way we assemble an NXT chassis. What could be considered a small detail symbolises the vision for the circular production here at Emmaljunga. We do not want a single detail to be considered waste at the end of the product life cycle. Every part should be disassembled and sent back to the factory for remanufacturing – even the screws.


An Emmaljunga user can be confident:
confident that your stroller is manufactured under the best conditions,
and confident that Emmaljunga take responsibility for the environment.
The Emmaljunga stroller is made for you, with the next generation in mind.