We believe in moving towards a natural and more sustainable way of living.

"We think it is not enough to just use environmentally friendly materials. We want to go further. Our ambition is to make the whole PRODUCTION PROCESS green, the products need to have a long lifetime and the products need to be designed for reuse, easy recycling or even for remanufacturing. Use less energy, save water, reduce emissions and transport cost and reduce the CO2 impact. This is what we do and strive for in Emmaljunga. This is what we call TRULY GREEN




An Emmaljunga user can be confident.

Confident that your stroller is manufactured under the best conditions, and confident that Emmaljunga take responsibility for the environment. For more information about our Green Vision visit




1. Design

  • Smart design where durability is built into the stroller for the smallest possible CO2 footprint
  • Strong and stable construction for long durability
  • Strong springs and robust parts for a long lifespan
  • Comfortable and safe environment for the child
  • Durable details for long functionality
  • Designed so that parts can be easily replaced
  • Patented method for screwing / disassembling aluminium parts (for easier recycling)
  • Designed within a healthy working environment






2. Material

  • Durable materials 
  • Fabrics with high lightfastness
  • Tested according to REACH requirements
  • DOPE Dye fabrics which reduce the water consumption of the dying process by 80%.
  • Natural aluminum Hydro REDUXA from Hydro with up to 75 % CO2 footprint compared to other aluminum (hydropower & solar energy use)
  • Durable and 100% recyclable solight-ecco® tires from Germany.
  • Use of plastic granulate from post consumer waste.





  • Manufactured in Europe with a good working environment and good working conditions
  • Local partners and subcontractors are selected to reduce transporation costs whenever possible. Own natural anodising plant for aluminium
  • Fossil-free heating of the entire factory
  • Electricity from green sources (hydropower)
  • 1500 m2 solar cell plant on the factory’s roof
  • Recovery of heat surplus from production, which is returned to the heating system
  • 100% recycling of water used in production
  • Regranulating of plastic materials in production for lowest possible CO2 footprint




4. Use

  • Durability is built into the pram which is designed to be used and reused for a long time
  • Comfortable and safe environment for the child
  • Large seat units with long backrests for extended use.
  • The fabrics are dirt and water repellent
  • Fabrics and chassis are easy to keep clean and fresh
  • Easy to replace parts if needed
  • Recyclable, durable Eco solight tires
  • Select carrycot and seats can be reused on the NXT Twin chassis for siblings.



5. recycling

Recyclable materials
It is easy to disassemble a stroller from Emmaljunga to separate the individual materials for recycling
Recyclable tires
Recyclable plastic parts
Recyclable aluminum




In the future, Emmaljunga's vision is to be able to transform used strollers that have reached the end of their life cycle and produce new chassis from these materials.

This is the reason why we have invested heavily in our own modern anodising plant so that in the future we can take an old chassis and make it new again

TRULY GREEN for us means constant innovation. Always pushing borders and finding new solutions. We are constantly improving to strive for a circular environment.

An Emmaljunga user can be confident:
confident that your stroller is manufactured under the best conditions,
and confident that Emmaljunga take responsibility for the environment.
The Emmaljunga stroller is made for you, with the next generation in mind.