NXT Seat Unit ERGO 33004 (Silver Frame) Lounge Black Eco
NXT Seat Unit ERGO 33004 (Silver Frame) Lounge Black Eco 1

NXT Seat Unit ERGO - (Silver Frame) Lounge Black Eco

Delivery: 2020.06.12
Stylish, reversible and ergonomic seat unit handmade in Sweden. Comfortable and very spacious from 6 months up to 22kgs. Genuine hand craft with outer fabrics in 50% recycled material. The frame is made of anodized, Scandinavian aluminum and fits the silver chassis. Discover the world with all the practical features included.


Weights & Measurements

NXT Seat Unit Ergo
Weight: 4.0 kg
Dimensions (Total Seat Length): 105/32 cm


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