UV/Insect net 95170 (NXT90/60F/Viking family/Carrycots)
UV/Insect net 95170 (NXT90/60F/Viking family/Carrycots) 1

UV/Insect net - (NXT90/60F/Viking family/Carrycots)

RRP €59.00
Delivery: 2021.07.02
Protect your child from insects and UV radiation. The UV/ Insect net accessory is included with every MY21 NXT chassi.

About this product

Our fabrics have to withstand cold winters, hot summers, rainy autumns plus children’s dirty boots and sticky fingers!

The fabrics handle a UPF (Ultra-violet Protection factor) of 50+ which means that your child gets a very high protection against the sun from our hoods and sunshades.


We strongly believe that it is important to move towards a healthy and sustainable way of living.

All materials are continuously tested by accredited laboratories to ensure that they meet the strictest EU environmental standards (REACH) and making it safer for you and your child.

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