Raincover  81150 Exclusive SMALL (NXT90/60  ERGO /Viking Series)
Raincover  81150 Exclusive SMALL (NXT90/60  ERGO /Viking Series) 1

Raincover - Exclusive SMALL (NXT90/60 ERGO /Viking Series)

Delivery: 2021.05.14
Keep your baby dry when the rain comes. Our rain cover protects your child from the rain and is easy to attach and to remove. It's stored in a handy bag and with the help of the zipper, you can easily take care of your child even when the cover is attached. Strategically placed reflective straps make the stroller easy to spot in the dark. The rain cover can be used for the seat units and the carrycots for the NXT90 / 60 ERGO as well as for the Viking series.


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