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A new era of child mobility: NXT90e

Emmaljunga eStroller e-powered by Bosch - coming soon​

Intuitive Technology. Innovative Design.

The NXT90e eStroller reacts intuitively and impresses with its innovative design and added comfort and safety in every way. The degree of electrical support can be set via a smartphone app and adapted to individual needs.



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 NXT90e offers increased comfort.

The eStroller is equipped with two electric motors developed by Bosch, which facilitate pushing on slopes and with heavy loads. The silent intelligent engines are equipped with sensors and algorithms that detect the type of surface on which the stroller is traveling on: the NXT90e provides pushing assistance - it assists to brake going downhill and supports its users when travelling uphill if they are connected with the Smartphone App. Even loaded after shopping there is hardly any additional effort when pushing.  





Increased safety - Automatic brake

The system brakes automatically when you let go the handle and the stroller rolls without the intervention of the user. In addition, the system can activate the mechanical parking brake in certain situations.

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Be connected.

The NXT90e has an alarm function that can be activated if necessary to warn of unauthorized users. The entire system can be conveniently controlled via an iOS and Android smartphone app that connects to the eStroller via Bluetooth and provides among others system information and battery status.







Smart sensors

Trajectory stabilization side control as well as uphill and downhill support. The NXT90e has no sensors on the handle, but uses intelligent algorithms to sense what you want to do.


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Frequently asked questions and answers


In short: What is special about the NXT90e?

The NXT90e is just like a normal stroller when not switched on. Once you activate the eStroller, you'll feel a world of difference! With connected app it supports you uphill and downhill. And should you unexpectedly let go the handle, it brakes automatically. The wheels are intelligent. They feel the stroller’s load and which surface it is on. The eStroller always aims to support you and to provide increased comfort and safety for your child. But no - it does not drive by itself. It always relies on your force to support you.

Where can I try and buy the NXT90e stroller?

The NXT90e will be available at selected and specially trained retailers. It is worth to visit them and test the NXT90e, because it is a real driving pleasure! It will also be available on emmaljunga.com.

When will the NXT90 eStroller be available?

In the light of the growing disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, leading to broad international restrictions, we cannot at this point of time inform when our Emmaljunga Partners will have the Emmaljunga NXT90e eStroller available in their stores. Please stay tuned!

What is the price tag of an Emmaljunga NXT90e?

Depending on your configuration the NXT90e will cost between 1699 € and 1999€. This will be announced closer to pre-order release.

Can I already register my interest?

Yes, you can register here if you are interested and we will keep you updated on further information and pre-order details.

Can I retrofit my NXT90 ?

In Emmaljungas NXT MIX & MATCH line you can combine all NXT carrycot and seats. That means that you can use your current NXT carrycots and seats on the new NXT90e chassis. But it is not possible to retrofit a NXT90 chassis.

What are the weight limits of the NXT90e?

You can use the NXT90e for one child up to 22 kg (with additinal load of: 11 kg shopping tray + 2 kg sidebag). The load and ground circumstances will affect the performance of the system and battery.


Is it possible to use the NXT90e without a battery?

Sure - without battery, the stroller can be used like a normal non-powered NXT90 stroller.

Which batteries do I need and how long is the battery life?

The eStroller is equipped with a 18 Volt lithium ion battery from Bosch (charger included) - such batteries are also used in Bosch battery drills, tools, etc. Perfect for multi-usage! The battery can be recharged and is suitable for a walk of up to 15 km. The incline, load, ground conditions and other factors might affect the range.

Is it possible to choose how much support I would like to have?

Yes - you can control this via an app available for iOS and Android