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Emmaljunga Strollers

An Emmaljunga family can be confident. Confident in that your stroller is made for you and your children, with almost 100 years of experience, for today with the future in mind.

High quality strollers since 1925

NXT310 Black Ecco

1_NXT Black 310 Ecco ERGO.jpgLimited amount available!
NXT310 Black Ecco is lightweight and agile. The large wheels combined with the lightweight chassis give outstanding driving comfort.


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NXT90 De Luxe

23324.jpgExperience luxury on the go with the NXT90 De Luxe stroller. Handcrafted with the finest attention to detail, this elegant stroller offers the ultimate in style and comfort. Upgrade your family's travels with NXT90 De Luxe.

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23306.jpgNXT90 ERGO: the core of our NXT line and a testament to innovation, design, and sustainability. With its adjustable suspension, multi-terrain wheel design, and ergonomic handlebar, the NXT90 ERGO offers a smooth ride with just a light touch. Experience the ultimate in stroller performance with Emmaljunga's NXT90 ERGO.


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NXT90 FLAT is NXT90 ERGO’s buddy, offering the same functions as NXT90 ERGO but with the added feature of a fully flat reversible seat instead of ergonomic. 

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12355.jpgALU S is a modern classic that is based on one of our most-selling chassis of all time! Made for parents who enjoy long walks in the outdoors, without compromising on comfort.




32307.jpgNXT60 ERGO is the little sibling of NXT90 ERGO. It shares many of the functions of NXT90 ERGO but the NXT60 ERGO is just a little more compact, narrower and lighter. NXT60 ERGO drives phenomenally, is nimble yet sturdy. A proper crafted city stroller from Emmaljunga.

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NXT60 FLAT shares all of NXT60 ERGO smart functions, but is the choice for toddlers that want long naps in the stroller. The reversible FLAT seat folds completely flat with a Head Safe function that protects the child’s head when laying flat. NXT60 FLAT offers a sturdy light-weight chassi and a generous seat.


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KITE 250


KITE 250 is the spacious stroller that combines large outdoor wheels an ultra-compact folding. With materials of the highest quality such as HYDRO REDUXA® Aluminum, solight ecco® tires and high-performance ropes, the Kite 250 has outstanding stability and navigates as smoothly in challenging terrain as in narrow city corners. 


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KITE 150

24313.jpgKITE 150 is the unique, super lightweight stroller with ultra-compact folding. With materials of the highest quality such as HYDRO REDUXA® Aluminum, solight ecco® tires and high-performance ropes, the Kite 150 has outstanding stability while being easy for travelling.

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NXT Twin

30305-30305-17362 Outdoor Navy_01.jpgNXT Twin is the revolutionary twin and sibling stroller with a maximum load of 49 kg, air assisted suspension and generous basket. Choose freely between NXT upper parts to suit your family.

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