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An Emmaljunga family can be confident. Confident in that your stroller is made for you and your children, with almost 100 years of experience, for today with the future in mind.


NXT Mix & Match

We explain the beauty of Emmaljunga’s NXT concept.

A customized solution for your unique family needs. Now and in the future.

3 chassi, 3 units, many accessories - for every possibility.
The NXT concept explained


33101-17141.jpgNXT90, the core product in the Emmaljunga NXT line, was created with innovation, design, flexibility and sustainability as key values.
NXT90 drives with the lightest touch. Its motion comfort is heightened with adjustable suspension, multi-terrain wheel design and ergonomic handlebar.

It’s the top of the line stroller with a reversible, ergonomic seat.

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NXT90 F is NXT90’s buddy, offering the same functions as NXT90 but with the added feature of a fully flat reversible seat instead of ergonomic. Roomy with a Head Safe function for the children that love a long snooze on a walk.

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33102-17131.jpgNXT60 is the little sibling of NXT90. It shares many of the functions of NXT90 but the NXT60 is just a little more compact, narrower and lighter. NXT60 drives phenomenally, is nimble yet sturdy. A proper crafted city stroller from Emmaljunga.

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NXT60 F shares all of NXT60 smart functions, but is the choice for toddlers that want long naps in the stroller. The reversible F seat folds completely flat with a Head Safe function that protects the child’s head when laying flat. NXT60 F offers a sturdy light-weight chassi and a generous seat.


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NXT Twin

33106-30106-17162.jpgOur latest stroller news! NXT Twin is the revolutionary twin or sibling stroller with a maximum load of 49 kg, air assisted suspension and generous basket. Choose freely between NXT seat units, F or Ergo, and carrycots to suit your family.

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