Ranger Limited Edition

Emmaljunga Ranger Limited Edition

Matching value-added accessory package

Perfectly matching in color, the NXT90 Ranger Limited Edition  are delivered with a winter footmuff, diaper bag and organizer.

XXL shopping cart (NXT90)

Load up to 10 kg! The super spacious shopping basket on the NXT90 is colour-matched and has discreet sewn-in reflective pipings. Plenty of loading space and easily accessible thanks to flaps that can be folded in and out - now you can store a lot without anything falling out. The shopping basket is equipped with a large reflective on the front.

Innovative Emmaljunga® Quick-Belt magnetic safety belt

Fast and easy. With the Emmaljunga® Quick-Belt magnetic belt, you simply pull on the belt to adjust the belt length. Both on the shoulder straps and on the waist straps. The new belt material from the Spanish family company PONSA is high quality and comfortable.

Hideable reflectives

Be visible in the autumn and winter darkness! The Ranger Limited Edition comes with large reflectors that fold out easily and can be discreetly hidden during the day.

Limited Edition

Each Ranger Limited Edition is marked with a label that shows the unique number of the stroller from this Limited Edition. The label is on the inside of the hood.