NXT Twin 33105-33105 NXT Seat Unit ERGO Outdoor Black
NXT Twin 33105-33105 NXT Seat Unit ERGO Outdoor Black 1

NXT Twin - NXT Seat Unit ERGO Outdoor Black

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Delivery: 2020.11.06
NXT Twin is the revolutionary sibling stroller that is a dream to use. Handmade in Sweden with outstanding stability and comfort. NXT Twin has a unique practical design where the handle bar is attached to the rear axle with magnesium details for great driving comfort and leverage. At the same time, you can fold the NXT Twin in a few moves. Equipped with a soft air-assisted suspension, spacious basket and large swivel front wheels. Combine freely between NXT carrycots, ergonomic seats, 2in 1 and F seats with fully-flat lying position. 2 UV and Insect-nets are included with the chassis, and fits both carrycot and seat units. Select raincover Small for the NXT Ergo seat and Large for the NXT F and 2in1 seats.


Weights & Measurements

NXT Twin

  • Chassis incl. Wheels: from 16 kg
  • Total chassis width with wheels: 79 cm
  • Folded chassis with wheels on (L/B/H): 89 / 79 / 45 cm
  • Height of handlebar (lowest highest): 98 - 114 cm


NXT Carrycot

  • Weight: 4.6 kg
  • Dimensions (inside) (L/B/H): 76 / 34 / 21 cm
  • Dimensions (outside) (L/B/H): 81 / 38 / 34 cm


NXT Seat Unit Ergo

  • Weight: 4.1 kg
  • Dimensions (Total Seat Length) (L/B): 104 / 32 cm

NXT Seat Unit Flat

  • Weight: 5.7 kg
  • Dimensions (Total Seat Length) (L/B): 104 / 32 cm


We strongly believe that it is important to move towards a healthy and sustainable way of living.

All materials are continuously tested by accredited laboratories to ensure that they meet the strictest EU environmental standards (REACH) and making it safer for you and your child.


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