NXT60 F 3130104 NXT Carrycot Outdoor Navy
NXT60 F 3130104 NXT Carrycot Outdoor Navy 1

NXT60 F - NXT Carrycot Outdoor Navy

RRP €749.00
Delivery: 2021.04.23
Spacious, reversible seat part with fully flat lying position made by hand in Sweden. With an innovative head protection that provides extra security. A genuine craft.. Discover the world with all the practical features included. UV/Insectsnet is included with the chassis, fits carrycot and Seatunit.


Weights & Measurements


  • Chassis incl. Wheels: from 9,6 kg
  • Total chassis width with wheels: 58 cm
  • Folded chassis with wheels on (L/B/H): 76 / 58 / 25 cm
  • Height of handlebar (lowest highest): 50 - 116 cm


NXT Carrycot

  • Weight: 4.6 kg
  • Dimensions (inside) (L/B/H): 76 / 34 / 21 cm
  • Dimensions (outside) (L/B/H): 81 / 38 / 34 cm


We strongly believe that it is important to move towards a healthy and sustainable way of living.

All materials are continuously tested by accredited laboratories to ensure that they meet the strictest EU environmental standards (REACH) and making it safer for you and your child.


NXT60F v.2.0.pdf

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