Runko 17032 Chassis NXT60 Black Outdoor AIR
Runko 17032 Chassis NXT60 Black Outdoor AIR 1

Runko - Chassis NXT60 Black Outdoor AIR

Toimitus: Ota yhteyttä paikallisiin jälleenmyyjiin
A flexible lightweight chassis suited for the city environment. Chassis NXT60 Black Outdoor AIR has an adjustable, brown handle in artificial leather and air-filled wheels for a smooth ride in terrain. Handle: Brown, Wheels: Air-filled, Chassis: Black

Painot ja mitat

NXT60 / NXT60 F
Chassis incl. Wheels: from 9.5 kg
Total chassis width with wheels: 58 cm
Folded chassis without wheels: 76/45/24 cm
Height of handlebar (lowest highest): 50 - 115 cm


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