Information on Viking

12 Apr, 16

Following the Swedish Testfakta test of the Viking in April 2016, Emmaljunga Barnvagnsfabrik would like to make the following statement.

For Emmaljunga, product safety is the absolute priority, which we maintain every year, investing significant resources in development, testing and certification.  The fact that we manufacture our products in our own factory in Sweden also means that we always have control over the entire manufacturing chain.

Emmaljunga Viking, like all other Emmaljunga products, has been tested on several occasions according to the applicable Swedish and European safety rules, the European standard EN1888: 2012, most recently in August 2015 by accredited independent testing laboratories.  Our quality assurance system at the factory in Sweden is also verified by independent testing institutes.

It has never in association with any test been revealed that there would be a risk using the Viking and the product has always passed safety tests without any remark.

It should also be mentioned that there have been no reports of any incidents or similar with the Viking.

As always, we ask our customers to be aware of the safety information that is included in the instruction manual supplied with our respective products.

If you follow the safety information you as our customers can always feel confident when choosing a product from Emmaljunga Pram Factory.

Best regards

Emmaljunga Barnvagnsfabrik AB

Important information regarding unfolding and folding of your pram

13 Feb, 12
To avoid risk of personal injury we would like to stress the importance of ensuring that children are always kept away when unfolding and folding the pram.
Your child might be injured if you do not follow the safety instructions that are found in the manual.
Go to this page to get the latest version of your manual.

Warning information! Prams/strollers 2004 or older model

13 Jun, 11

We would like to provide the following information for all users of Emmaljunga prams from Model Year 2004 or older where the carrycot/seat unit is attached using the red safety catches.

It is very important that the carrycot/seat unit (hereinafter called ‘the body’) is attached to the chassis in accordance with the instructions/safety information detailed in the instruction manual (particularly on page 10) – see the pictures below.

Your child could be injured if you do not follow the safety instructions in the manual.

13 Jun, 11

Important information concerning Nitro City

24 Sep, 09

In the german testbooklet Stiftung Warentest 9/2009 it has shown chlorparaffins in the rubber handle, which automatically gave the pram the mark ”fail”.

Nitro City is certified according to EN1888:2005 and EN1466:2008, the valid European Norm for prams and strollers and it is also equipped with the GS-mark for certified safety. This EN norm also includes a test for the chemical qualities. To receive the GS mark the pram must also be tested for the occurrence of PAK/PAH polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH). The Committee for Technical Work Equipment and Consumer Products (AtAV) decided to include the test for PAH as a mandatory condition for awarding the GS mark.

When investigating products for PAH, all (grip) surfaces which may contain PAH and that are touched or put into the mouth during intended use or reasonable foreseeable misapplication (but not misbehaviour of use) are to be taken into account. These include in particular soft polymers and rubber materials, black or dark-coloured hard polymers and coatings.

Nitro city has passed all tests successfully.

We have tested all our different prams and strollers av the independent and accredditated Laboratory Intertek Consumer Goods /Porst & Partner GmbH Umweltanalytik in Fürth in detail on harmful substances (REACH / SVHT Substances of very High Concern) and Chlorparaffines. No Chlorparaffines or harmful substances according to REACH/SVHT Art. 33 could be detected.

Above that we have tested our rubber handlebars against Chlorparaffines and Diisononylphthalates. In these tests no Chlorparaffine were detected. The amount of Diisononylphthalat was so low (0.04 %), that this lies below 1/10 of the recommended level of Ökotex

The fabrics have been successfully tested according to EN71-3 (Toys norm). Even here the fireretardant Dioctyltin could not be detected.

Emmaljungas Strollers and prams do not contain the above mentioned harmful substances and comply to the Standards of the EU Commission.

Best regards,

Emmaljunga Barnvagnsfabrik AB

Voluntary upgrade of the Base

30 May, 09

Base certified according to european norm ECE R44/04
Emmaljunga manufactures a system for the transportation of children which we market under the name First Class 0+ with Base. This system consists of a car seat and a Base, both of which are tested and approved according to the European norm ECE R44/04 and certified under number 04301229. We enclose colour copies of this certificate for your information. This is a very extensive ruling which applies to manufacturing, quality assurance and the sale of car seats and Emmaljunga adheres to these legal requirements.
Continuous upgrade of the product
Emmaljunga continuously strives to improve its products and the First Class 0+ with Base is no exception and it has undergone several improvements during 2009.

Strengthened support leg
One improvement is the addition of a new, strengthened support leg for the Base. It is also equipped with an additional energy absorbing part, which is activated at higher loads than the standard demands. This additional part further improves the protection in the event of front collision situations and the overload test that we have performed at various test centres including VTI (Statens Väg och Transportforskningsinstitut in Sweden), has given good or even very good results.

Cost free upgrade for base
– complete with the support leg
We are offering all of our consumers who have the Base system a cost free upgrade to our latest version. Consumers with Bases with the following serial numbers are entitled to have the leg of the Base replaced without cost:
080924-xxxx ,
Instruction Of Changing The Leg Of The Base

Cost free upgrade for base
– with extra shock absorbing part (not complete support leg)
For Bases with serial numbers 090126-xxxx Emmaljunga will offer a cost free upgrade with the shock absorbing part, which can be assembled on the existing support leg. The support leg on Bases with these serial numbers should NOT be replaced.
Instruction for assembly of foot House
All Bases which are delivered from the end of May 2009 (serial number 090429-xxxx) onwards will be equipped with the latest upgrade.
The upgrade can only be carried out by our authorised retailers
The upgrade takes less than 5 minutes and must only be carried out by a authorised Emmaljunga retailer.

CONSUMER HOTLINE 01159 646 979
Consumers with any additional questions on this matter, can call our consumer hotline:
01159 646 979