Spare parts

Spare Parts

How do i order spare parts?

You can order spare parts from your local Emmaljunga partner. It's best to visit the store with your stroller. Your Emmaljunga partner can perform repairs and provide on-site service. If you're unable to come to the store, the Partner will need the following information:

  • Stroller model
  • Serial number
  • A picture of the needed part

Service & FAQ

Even though we conduct quality and durability tests and only select materials of the highest quality, you must still maintain and care for your stroller to ensure its longevity. There is no stroller completely immune to wear and tear, especially on wheels, tires, and other moving parts. Similarly, no fabrics in the world can maintain 100% colorfastness when exposed to UV radiation. By following the care instructions, you will enjoy your stroller for a long time to come!