Made for the wild.


Feel the difference.

Our Strollers

Urban meets Outdoor.


Ready for adventure.


XXL Shopping Basket

Store your belongings in this huge shopping basket - fits 10 kg!

Smart Reflectors

Be visible in the dark! Fold in during the day.

Quad Suspension

Outstanding driving comfort with adjustable rear suspension.

10,3 kg

SENTO PRO chassis

110 cm

ERGO Seat length

22 kg

Up to 22 kg / 4 years

Made to last.

98 years of determination.

We have had our Emmaljunga for 4 children over 13 years. Never ever changing.

Anna M, Germany

The quality of build is outstanding. My NXT90 is now used for our second child.

Jaana, Norway

Truly Green

At Emmaljunga, we believe that simply incorporating eco-friendly materials into our products is not sufficient. Our ultimate goal is to create a truly sustainable production process that prioritizes durability, reuse, easy recycling, and even remanufacturing. We are committed to minimizing our energy consumption, conserving water, and decreasing our emissions and transportation costs to reduce our overall carbon footprint. This is our vision of a truly green future, and it is what we tirelessly strive for at Emmaljunga.

Built to last.

Our strollers are built to last for more than one child. The smart, modular design enables parts to be replaced due to wear and tear. Visit your Emmaljunga Partner to learn more and get the best service.